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EcoFresh Cleaning

Plane Cleaning Perth

    Eco Fresh Cleaning carries out the professional cleaning of all your car, boat or plane upholstery.

    The upholstery could be fabric or leather; we will also clean the carpets, mats and door panels. Our sanitizer kills germs, dust mites and bacteria present on the upholstery and carpet.

    It is a fact that travelling on dusty outback roads, sailing the high seas or commuting in your car, accumulates dirt, dust, grime and sweat that will take their toll on the life and appearance of your vehicle, car, boat or home away from home. Eliminating the source of the stale odours, germs and allergens any trip will be more pleasant.

    With our affordable prices, it just makes sense to call in EcoFresh Cleaning on a semi-regular basis. You will be this way protecting and extending the life of your asset and safeguarding the health of your family and friends.

    Our team will go anywhere in the Metropolitan Perth that area your pride and joy is. We guarantee prompt and impeccable service. And always when it suits you as we operate around the clock, seven days a week. EcoFresh Cleaning ensures our service, and we are fully insured proud members of the Carpet Cleaning Association of Western Australia.

    If your Boat, Plane or Car need freshening up, then we have the solution for you. Just as we can clean carpet in your home or office, we can also clean it in your possession as well. We have steam cleaned dozens of boats, and planes, paying attention to the littlest of details.

    We can steam clean your upholstery interiors as well as leather. As always, the utmost care is taken to ensure no damage or scratches to the interior are made. Cars, boats, and planes upholstery cleaning require specialised equipment and expertise. Count on us to provide you with a professional car cleaning solution for all kinds of vehicles. We can even ‘Scotchgard’ your upholstery and carpet to secure against future staining and extend its lifespan. At the end of the leather upholstery cleaning process, we will apply a leather conditioner and protector at no extra cost. Eco Fresh Cleaning would come to your place for cleaning purposes rather than you come to us.

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