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EcoFresh Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Perth

The carpet manufacturers recommended the EcoFresh Cleaning method!

EcoFresh Cleaning

EcoFresh Cleaning provides the best care you can get for your carpet cleaning needs.
We have professional cleaners that use modern cleaning processes to keep your carpets clean for a long time.
We assure you that our service will be the best possible that you can get.
No matter how much you vacuum your carpets every week, it only removes a fraction of the dust, dirt, dust mites and other allergens in your carpet.
Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) process is the only efficient way of getting rid of those harmful microscopic organisms present in your carpet.
Eco Fresh Cleaning offers a steam cleaning process that is bound to ‘deep-clean’ your carpets.
We know the right way to remove dirt and stubborn stains from your carpet without causing any fabric damage.

Cleaning Process

We use biodegradable chemicals and cleaning agents in the cleaning process that will not leave behind any sticky residues or discoloured patches.
Our anti-bacterial and anti-mould sanitizer is an ideal product for removing all bad odours.
It has a pleasant scent and is environment-friendly.

Hot water extraction

All Carpet manufacturers (>>>) and  Choice, the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia (>>>) and many others recommend that you should have carpets cleaned by our method at least once every 18 months.

We at EcoFresh Cleaning assure that your carpets will remain fresh and clean for longer.
We have experienced Carpet Cleaning Perth trained specialists who offer the service most suited for your carpet as well as expert stain and odour removal treatment.


The best in Carpet Manufacturer recommended cleaning method in Perth