Carpet Repair Perth

If your valuable carpet or vinyl is burnt, torn, stained or has any other damage, it can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. The technicians at Eco Fresh cleaning are fully and professionally trained and Internationally Accredited (IICRC) and can make your carpet and vinyl look fresh again.

Carpets that are loose, bulged, wrinkled or wavy can be re-stretched and restored back to its original look. This involves taking the carpet and using carpet power stretcher to make the carpet as tight as a drum, and then the carpet is re-fitted and the excess carpet is trimmed off. This prevents wear in the carpet; it also fixes the appearance and greatly increases the life of the carpets.

Carpet Repair Perth
Carpet Re-Installation Perth

Carpet Installation Perth

Damaged carpets can be cut out and replaced by the same carpet from either some spare carpet or from a hidden area. Our technicians use the best equipment available so that the carpet will be looking great and most of the time you won’t even notice that it has been repaired.

At Eco Fresh Cleaning we can also repair split seams in your carpets. The carpet is recut, trimmed and then the seams are joined and finally we power stretch your carpet back into place.

If your carpet has been flooded, our technicians will lift your carpet, completely dry the underlay or replace it if needed and clean or repair it so that it is not only mould and bacteria free but also looking fresh and new again.

Whatever the repair is, you can count on the trained professionals at Eco Fresh cleaning to maintain and repair them for you as soon as you require.

Carpet Cleaning Perth